Adoption can be an amazing and positive life changing experience for both parent and child. When a child is adopted in Alberta, in most circumstances, all of the rights, obligations and responsibilities assumed by the adoptive parent are the same as if that child was biologically their own offspring. It is therefore critically important to clearly understand what those rights, obligations and responsibilities include before proceeding.

Although many Alberta adoptions are facilitated through adoption private and public agencies, there are certain types of private adoptions that can sometimes be handled more efficiently by way of application to the Court of Queen’s Bench by adoption lawyers. These often include step-parent adoptions, adult adoptions, and adoption by extended family members.

Often these kinds of adoptions are consented to by all the relevant parties; in other circumstances it can become more complicated, for example, when there is an objection to the adoption by an estranged biological parent. In such cases, a special hearing before the Court may be needed to determine what is in the best interests of the involved child or children.

Our firm’s team of lawyers are able to guide you and your family through the adoption process from start to finish, and answer the difficult and complicated questions that may arise in your family’s unique set of circumstances.

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