Contested Family Matters

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Contested Family Matters

While Cooperative Separation Agreements & Divorce is usually the most cost-efficient, timely and least combative way to manage a separation and/or divorce, this is not always possible. For various reasons, one or both of the involved parties are unable to work together constructively through the many challenging issues surrounding this difficult period in their lives, thereby necessitating the Court’s assistance.

Though committed to resolving matters amicably at any stage of the separation and divorce process should both parties become willing to do so, our firm’s legal team is also able to provide our family clients with strong and vigorous courtroom representation in all contested family law matters including applications and trials involving:

In most situations, even the most contentious family disputes can be managed and resolved without resorting to a full and expensive multi-day trial. Our firm takes great pride in working constructively with opposing counsel (should they be willing) to manage family litigation in a way that results in the parties obtaining a clear and enforceable court ordered resolution to their disputes in the most practical and cost-efficient manner possible.

In the rare circumstances that a full family trial is necessary to resolve a dispute, our trial advocacy skills will ensure your legal rights and claims are effectively communicated and advanced.

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