Cooperative Separation and Divorce

Cooperative Separation and Divorce

Whether married or common law, the end of a long term committed relationship is an emotional and difficult experience; however, that does not mean it needs to be a combative one, nor must it involve extraordinary legal cost.

More and more, couples are working cooperatively through the separation and/or divorce process in order to ensure each of them are able to successfully move forward with their new lives. Where children are involved, such collaboration can form the foundation of a successful co-parenting relationship for years to come thereby benefiting the emotional and financial well being of the children.

Cooperative Separation & Divorce can involve one or more of the following processes:

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Collaborative Family Law
  • Judicial Dispute Resolution
  • Independent Parenting Coordination

Our experienced legal team will assist you in understanding and navigating the above options and provide advice as to which process best fits your unique circumstances. We will also help you to prepare for these processes by assisting you to  fully understand your legal rights pertaining to child support, spousal and partner support, parenting and child custody, the division of property (for both married and common law couples), and other family related matters, and will attend proceedings with you as requested.

If successful and acceptable terms of separation are agreed to, our firm is equipped to provide all the legal services necessary to implementing that agreement successfully including:

  • Preparation of a binding Separation Agreement and, if required by the parties, the filing of a Consent Divorce Package or other required Consent Court Orders
  • Transfer or Sale of the Matrimonial Home and other Real Property including, the Release of Dower Rights if required
  • Transfer of Business Shares and Assets between the parties if required
  • Preparation of Updated Wills

It should also be noted here that Separation Agreements should always be drafted and reviewed by lawyers. In fact, unless reviewed by a lawyer with each party separate from the other, Separation Agreements are entirely unenforceable in Alberta. Whether drafted by an individual claiming to be an experienced paralegal or whether made available for sale online, the language used in these template agreements is not only likely to be unenforceable or ineffective for the intended purposes, but is also only fractionally less costly than having a lawyer do the job properly anyway.

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