Employment and Independent Contract Litigation

Employment and Independent Contract Litigation

Employee-Employer relationships in Alberta are governed by legislation (such as the Employment Standards Code and the Alberta Human Rights Act), collective bargaining agreements, employment contracts and the common law.

The most common employment law disputes arise or involve decisions made during the commencement and/or the termination of an employee from his or her employment.

Our legal team can assist employees and employers to understand their rights and responsibilities as it relates to this area of law, including the review or preparation of employment agreements (including confidentiality and non-compete provisions), severance package reviews, as well as defending against or advancing claims for human rights abuses, breaches of fiduciary duties, constructive dismissal, wrongful termination and appropriate severance payments.

Our firm also deals with the drafting and review of independent contractor agreements (including confidentiality and non-compete provisions) and disputes between businesses and contractors involving such. This area of law can often overlap into employment law if the contract in question and the actions of the parties, though originally stated to create a contractual relationship, actually create an employment relationship in the eyes of the law.

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Recent Published Decisions

Successfully defended departing CEO from an injunction application brought by major national law firm on behalf of their client, a software and hardware manufacturer.

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